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Frequently asked

Guidance counselling is a specialized form of counseling that focuses on helping individuals navigate personal, educational, and career-related challenges. It aims to support individuals in making informed decisions, exploring their strengths and interests, and developing strategies for personal growth and success. Guidance counselors provide guidance and support in areas such as academic planning, career exploration, emotional well-being, and personal development. They work collaboratively with individuals to address concerns, set goals, and develop action plans to enhance overall well-being and achieve desired outcomes.

Educational counselling is a specialized form of counselling that focuses on providing guidance, support, and resources to individuals in their educational journey. It aims to help students and learners of all ages navigate academic challenges, explore career options, and develop essential skills for academic success. Educational counsellors work collaboratively with individuals to identify their unique strengths, interests, and goals, and assist them in making informed decisions related to their education and future career paths. This type of counselling may involve academic planning, study skills development, career exploration, college/university admissions assistance, and addressing any academic or learning difficulties. By addressing both academic and personal factors, educational counselling aims to empower individuals to achieve their educational and career aspirations.

Corporate Counselling, also known as Workplace Counselling, is a specialized service tailored to address the mental health and well-being of employees within a corporate setting. It is a confidential and supportive platform designed to assist individuals in navigating challenges related to their professional and personal lives. In this dedicated form of counselling, trained professionals work with employees to explore and manage various issues such as stress, work-related pressures, interpersonal conflicts, and the demands of a dynamic work environment. Corporate counselling aims to create a psychologically healthy workplace by providing employees with a safe space to discuss concerns, gain insights into coping mechanisms, and develop strategies to enhance their emotional resilience.

Well-Being Counselling, a compassionate and personalized form of support, is tailored to enhance and nurture the overall well-being of individuals. This specialized counselling service prioritizes mental, emotional, and physical health, aiming to create a holistic sense of balance and fulfillment in one & life. In well-being counselling, individuals work collaboratively with trained professionals to explore and address various aspects of their lives. This may include managing stress, coping with life transitions, improving relationships, and fostering self-awareness. The focus extends beyond addressing specific challenges to promoting positive habits, resilience, and a deeper understanding of personal values and goals.