Meet Berlian Joseph, M.Psi


As a Corporate Counsellor at Empowering Awareness Counselling & Consultancy Counselling & Consultancy, Berlian is a pivotal member of our team, blending her deep understanding of psychology with practical corporate insight. She is driven by a passion for guiding individuals and organizations to unlock and maximize their full potential, leveraging her expertise to foster transformation through a deeper understanding of human behaviour in the workplace.

Berlian’s background in human resource talent and development has equipped her with the skills to create environments that not only promote professional growth but also inspire individuals to transcend their perceived limitations. Her approach is grounded in encouraging critical and deep thinking, helping professionals to realize and nurture their unique skills and contributions.

Her commitment to cultivating a culture of continuous learning is a cornerstone of her work. Berlian believes in empowering professionals to confront challenges with a sophisticated and reflective mindset, understanding the symbiotic relationship between personal growth and professional success.