Meet Vanessa


Vanessa brings to Empowering Awareness Counselling and Consultancy a rich foundation in taxation, marked by her comprehensive academic journey and early career achievements. An esteemed graduate of the Taxation Diploma program from Udayana University, she completed her studies with distinction from 2019 to 2022. Her academic tenure is distinguished not just by her impressive grades but by her proactive engagement in practical tax services. As a committed tax volunteer at the East Denpasar Tax Office, she significantly contributed to simplifying the community’s individual income tax processes.

Her drive for professional growth led her to successfully complete the Tax Brevet A/B program, earning a certification that speaks volumes of her thorough understanding of tax principles. Upon graduation, Vanessa transitioned seamlessly into the workforce as a tax staff at a leading retail company, where her responsibilities included the precise management of tax calculations, journalizations, and reporting. Her expertise in utilizing key accounting and tax software such as MYOB, Jurnal, E-SPT, E-invoice, and DJP Tax Reporting Software, positions her as a valuable asset in our team.

At Empowering Awareness Counselling and Consultancy, Vanessa’s unique combination of theoretical knowledge and practical tax experience is indispensable. Her unwavering commitment to delivering detailed and effective financial guidance exemplifies the values of our team, making her a trusted advisor to our clients across various financial matters.